English Muffin with Apple and Cheddar

English Muffin with Apple and Cheddar
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Make this easy breakfast healthier by using a whole wheat English muffin . A muffin topped with apple and cheese is a nutritious alternative to more sugary fare. Apple has a whole lot vitamins so eating it in breakfast will only add vitamin and mineral levels along with a great taste.


1 English muffin (split), ½ apple thinly sliced, 3 tablespoon grated cheddar.


1. Place English muffin cut side up in a toaster oven or on a baking sheet under the boiler, and toast until lightly browned.

2. Top each muffin half with half of the apple and half of the cheese. Broil until cheese is melted.

3. Place some fresh sliced apples on the top.

4. Serve them hot with some lettuce.

And your treat is ready! Serve it with lot of love to everyone at home!