Falafel Crunchy Balls

Falafel Crunchy Balls

Your loved one’s eyes are always searching for something new on the dining table. You can surprise with this tasty crunchy snack, Falafel. It is full of proteins, minerals and dietary fibers. It’s gives ample amount of energy.

Ingredients: Dried chickpeas(Kabuli chana) -1cup (soak in water over night), Onion -1(medium) chopped, Garlic – 1tsb finely chopped, Coriander leaves -3tsb, Mint leaves-3tsb, Red chili powder-1/2 tsb (as per your kid’s taste, Coriander powder-1tsb, Cumin powder-1tsb, Black pepper powder -1/4 tsb crushed, Maida -2tsb, Salt-as per taste, Oil for deep fry, Ginger -1/2 tsb grated, Lemon juice -1/2 tsb


1. Rinse chick peas 2-3 times and soak them in water over night.

2. Put all the ingredients in a grinder (Chick peas ,chopped onion , garlic, coriander, mint, pepper, maida-1tsb, cumin coriander powder , salt, ginger and lemon juice).

3. Make a coarse paste of it, don’t add water while grinding. You can grind it in two batches.

4. Take a pan or Kadai and heat oil in it. When the oil heats up properly, make one small ball out of the paste and fry it in oil. If the balls do not break, then fry rest of the balls in oil. 

5. When falafel become light golden color, gently drain these balls and put them on kitchen paper towels.

6. Serve it with mint coriander chutney or any dip. 

Note: If balls break then add 1tsb maida in the mixture and mix it well.