Fruit Lassi

Fruit Lassi

Fruit Lassi is a great way to serve fruits. Not only is it refreshing and hydrating, but it is also loaded with the nutritional benefits of bananas and mangoes. While mangoes offer Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and potassium; oranges offer dietary fibre, Vitamin C, calcium, Vitamin B6 and magnesium. 

Ingredients: 1 cup chopped ripe mangoes, 2 medium bananas chopped, 1 cup milk, 2 cups fresh curd, 1 tablespoon rose water, 4-5 cardamom pods (remove the husks and retain only the seeds), 4-5 tablespoons of sugar, ice cubes. 


 1. Put the chopped mangoes and bananas, along with the cardamom seeds, rose water and half a cup of milk into a jar of your blender and whip till it is smooth in texture. 

 2. Add sugar, half a cup of milk and 2 cups of yogurt and ice cubes into the puree and blend again till you have a smooth, lump free, creamy solution ready. 

 3. Pour into tall glasses and serve. 

Healthy, filling and delicious, fruit lassi can serve as a great accompaniment for one’s breakfast. So go ahead and give it a try today!