Ginger Jaggery Halwa

Ginger Jaggery Halwa

Younger kids like yours are highly sensitive. Their immune system is easily affected by the changes in the environment. Allopathy is not always a good medication for your child. You can try some home remedies. Ginger is great source of magnesium, phosphorous, vitamin C and potassium, which helps in building anti-bacterial properties. Combining this with jaggery which is rich in sodium, will only make the medicine even better.

Ingredients: Turmeric -1tsb, Fresh grated ginger -3tsb(as per your kids taste), Ghee- 1.5 tsb, Jaggery powder –half cup, Water -3tsb


1. Add jaggery and water in a nonstick pan or heavy bottom pan, and put heat it on the gas stove. Stir it regularly. After sometime you can see the jaggery melting.

2. Now put the flame on sim mode, and add turmeric and ginger in the pan.

3. Keep stirring. After a few minutes this mixture will get thicker and all the moisture will be vaporized completely.

4. At this stage, add ghee to the above mixture and mix it well.

Your halwa is ready now. It is recommended to give 1 or 2 spoons of halwa 3-4 times a day, along with warm water or milk. You can adjust the sweetness according to your little one's taste.