Healthy Aloo Palak Paratha

Healthy Aloo Palak Paratha

Want to feed your fussy eater some healthy green? Try this yummy Aloo Palak Paratha. It is tasty, nutritious and completely masks the taste of Spinach.

Ingredients: 10-12 spinach leaves, 1 medium sized potato, 1 cup of whole wheat flour, ½ tsp jeera powder, 1 tsp ghee and salt.


1. Blanch spinach leaves and blend it in a mixer to form a smooth paste.

2. Boil the potato. Peel and mash well.

3. Take whole wheat flour and add spinach puree, mashed potato, jeera powder, and salt. Knead to form smooth dough.

4. Leave the dough for 15 minutes.

5. Roll the dough into Parathas using dry flour.

6. Cook the Aloo Palak Paratha on a hot tawa on both sides with ghee.

Serve this tasty Paratha with butter and curds.