Healthy Baked Beans Party Cups

Healthy Baked Beans Party Cups
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Do you want to feed your kids with something nutritious? If yes, these Baked Beans Party Cups would suit your requirement. You can experiment a lot with this recipe by adding your own fillers. The items required are flour tortillas, Heinz Beans in tomato sauce, chopped ham, chopped tomato and cheddar cheese.

The Steps Are:

1. The first step is to heat the tortillas for 20 seconds in a microwave. Cut a small slit so that the tortillas can be pressed into moulds.

2. Now bake these tortillas for at least 7 minutes. Now add Heinz Beans to each of these tortillas and further bake it again for 8-10 minutes.

3. Take these tortilla cups and add tomato, ham and sprinkle cheese for garnishing. You can make these tortillas more interesting by adding extra toppings such as olive.

Try out this excellent recipe to make your kids happy.