Healthy Chicken Caesar Salad

Healthy Chicken Caesar Salad

Kids need to consume a healthy diet for attaining energy to perform various activities. You can make a yummy and delicious Chicken Caesar Salad for the kids so that they can enjoy a perfect meal. This is an easy to make recipe which can be prepared any time.

The Steps Are:

1. Boil chicken and cut it into small pieces. Make sure it is tender enough for the kids to chew.

2. Cut star shapes from bread and fry it.

3. Take lettuce and use it as a dressing ingredient.

4. Now place the chicken pieces along with mayonnaise sauce and the star shaped bread. You can also add little amount of ketchup to this mixture.

This is a nutritious dish which can be transformed using other edible items. What are you waiting for? Serve you kids with this yummy Chicken Caesar Salad today!