Healthy Mini-Chicken Burgers

Healthy Mini-Chicken Burgers
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Kids seem to love junk food. They are attracted to unhealthy foods. But you can serve them healthy foods that look wickedly good! This chicken burger is one such recipe. The goodness of whole-wheat burger buns, their fiber and complex carbs with protein of the chicken makes it a must have.

The Steps Are

1. Take 250 gm of minced chicken, add in 5 spring onions, parmesan or any other cheese, grated carrots, a tbsp. of chilli sauce and 2 tsp of soy sauce together. Mix these ingredients to make patty.

2. Use a frying pan to prepare these patties. You can grill them or fry them as per your requirement.

3. Once done, put them in whole wheat burger buns. Add a lettuce leaf to each bun.

Patties can be frozen to be used later. Serve this yum recipe with ketchup or mayonnaise. Try now!