Hot White Chocolate

Hot White Chocolate

Whip up a hot cup of white chocolate in the evenings to revive your spirits. Just like hot chocolate, white chocolate drink is easy to prepare. It is made using white chocolate and milk, which makes it highly nutritious. While white chocolate provides carbohydrates and protein, milk provides calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, strontium, magnesium and Vitamin C. 

Ingredients: ½ litre milk, 250 ml coconut milk, 75 gm of white chocolate, 1 vanilla pod. 


 1. In a pan, boil the milk along with coconut milk and white chocolate. Keep stirring to ensure that the chocolate has dissolved and mixed well. 

 2. Add the vanilla pod into the hot milk. 

 3. Hot White Chocolate is ready to be served. 

Hot white chocolate is highly refreshing and you will surely love it. So go ahead and try out this recipe at home today!