Idli Upma

Idli Upma

If you have some leftover idlis from the last meal, then here is an easy recipe for making Idli Upma. It will have the same goodness of idlis but with a twist. Idlis are rich in proteins, dietary fibres and, carbohydrates and this in the form of upma gives a novelty to it.

Ingredients: 4 idlis, 1 tbsp oil, ¼ tsp mustard seeds, ¼ tsp urad dal, ¼ tsp turmeric powder, 4-5 curry leaves, ½ tsp ginger-garlic paste, salt, sugar.


1. Mash idlis and break them into small pieces. Keep aside.

2. In a pan heat oil and add mustard seeds.

3. Now, add urad dal, turmeric powder, curry leaves, ginger-garlic paste, salt, and sugar to taste.

4. Pour the tempering over the broken Idlis and toss well.

Enjoy this as a filling evening snack.