Juicy Apple Almond Bites

Juicy Apple Almond Bites

Treat this mouth-watering dish which is simple yet interesting. Apple Almond Bites is an excellent recipe that can be used to make morning meal a happy time. The ingredients required are sugar, ground cinnamon, diced apple, toasted slices and almond butter. The presence of apple makes this recipe rich in vitamin content.


1. Take a medium bowl and add cinnamon and sugar.

2. Add apples to this mixture and toss it well.

3. The next step is to add almond butter to the bread slices. Spread it well.

4. The final step is to spread the apple mixture over the toasts.

The taste offered by this dish is incredible. You can even add maple syrup to this to make the recipe yummy. Try out this dish today to bring a smile on everyone's face.