Juicy Chicken Tacos

Juicy Chicken Tacos

You can treat yourself with a luscious chicken dish which is nutritious. These Chicken Tacos are full of different flavors. The ingredients required are stripped chicken breast, taco shells, vegetables, lemon, oil and shredded cheese. You can experiment with the filling as per your convenience.

The Steps:

1. You need to heat the chicken in a frying pan with oil until it gains a golden colour. Take a paper towel and drain out the oil.

2. Take lemon, avocados, garlic, pepper and salt. Mash them up.

3. Warm the taco shells and then add the mashed avocado mix, veggies and cooked chicken. You can garnish the tacos with avocado.

Chicken Tacos are very crispy and yummy. You would love the taste which would slowly melt in your mouth. The recipe is basic which can be tried at home easily.