Juicy Tomato Bruschetta

Juicy Tomato Bruschetta
Side Dish

There are numerous yummy dishes which can be prepared at home. One such dish is Tomato Bruschetta which can be prepared within no time. The items required to prepare this dish are crusty bread slices, ripened tomatoes is a good source of calcium and iron., olive oil and black pepper.

The Steps Are:

1. The first step is to chop the tomatoes and place them in a bowl. You need to drain off the access water from these pieces.

2. Now add olive oil, pepper and salt to these tomatoes and mix them well.

3. Take the crusty bread pieces and grill them so that it acquires a golden colour.

4. Now the final step is to plate the bread slices in a plate and add the tomato mixture. You can garnish the Bruschetta with basil leaves and liquid cheese.

This is an easy recipe which can be prepared with something healthy. Try it today!