Jumping With The Jellies!

Jumping With The Jellies!

You can make fresh, unprocessed, fruity jellies at your home. Especially this recipe with a lot of berries, this sweet treat offers tingling taste and loads of vitamins. Try the recipe using gelatin instead of processed market jellies.


1. Prepare cranberry and raspberry juice at home (600 ml). Or alternatively, buy them from market, but they should be without added sugars.

2. Place gelatin leaves, about 5-6 in shallow dish and cover them with the juice. Let it soften for 5 mins. Don’t use all the juice.

3. Heat leftover juice with sugar and then mix in the gelatin until dissolved. Stir gently on low heat but don’t allow it to bowl. Divide it in glasses and let it cool. Turn out jellies by dipping molds or glasses in water to loosen jelly.

Go on! Try this for a tasty, healthy dessert.