Kesar Flavoured Milk Delicacy With Nuts (Basundi)

Kesar Flavoured Milk Delicacy With Nuts (Basundi)
Milk is very essential as it is high in calcium, sodium and vitamins, which are all important in the growth and development. Basundi will make the everyday boring milk delicious dessert.
Ingredients: Milk - 1000 ml (full fat milk preferred), Sugar - 200 grams, Saffron strands - A pinch, Cardamom pods - 4 to 5 crushed well, Blanched and sliced almonds-2 tbsp, few almond pieces–for garnishing, Finely chopped Pistachios : 2 tbsp.
1. Boil milk in a wide, thick bottomed non-stick pan. Slightly rub the saffron with your palm and add it to the milk.
2. Once the milk comes to boil, reduce the heat and cook the milk until it gets shrunk to little more than half of the original quantity. Keep stirring the milk once in a while. This process will take close to an hour.
3. When the milk has thickened and is little more than half of the original amount, add sugar to it. Continue to cook the milk mixture for another 30 minutes. The milk will attain a light pinkish color.
4. Lastly, add the powdered cardamom and the nuts. Cook for the last 15 minutes.
5. Turn off the heat. When it comes to room temperature, refrigerate it.
Note: Tastes best when served cold garnished with sliced almonds and saffron strands.