Khus Syrup

Khus Syrup

Khus syrup is made from Vetiver which has high nutritional value. It is rich in phytochemicals, phenols, saponins, tannins and terpenes which are highly beneficial for the body. You can easily make khus syrup at home with this recipe.

Ingredients: 60-70 gms of khus grass, 1 litre water, 4 cups of sugar


 1. Clean the khus grass by rinsing it under water and removing the roots. 

 2. Make sure you rinse the stems well and remove all dirt particles. Chop the stems and soak them in water overnight. 

 3. Next morning, remove the stems and pass them through a juice strainer to extract the juice. 

 4. Pour the extract into a vessel and add sugar to it. Set this on the stove and heat the solution till the sugar is completely dissolved. Stir well and heat the mixture till it becomes sticky. 

 5. Filter the solution and then pour into a sterilized bottle or jar and close the lid. Set is aside for cooling. 

 6. Refrigerate the extract. To make khus sherbet, add ¼ of the solution to water and serve. 

Khus sherbet is extremely good for the stomach as it keeps it clean and healthy. You can now make khus syrup at home using this easy recipe and treat yourself to a refreshing sherbet anytime.