Lauki Paratha

Lauki Paratha

Lauki or bottle gourd is a rich source of magnesium, calcium, iron, Vitamin C, dietary fibre and potassium and hence it is important that you include this vegetable in your diet. Lauki paratha is easy and quick to prepare and offers all the nutritional goodness.

Ingredients: 2 cups grated lauki, 2 green chillies chopped, a pinch of hing, ½ tsp garam masala powder, ½ tsp ajwain, 2 cups whole wheat flour, 1 tbsp oil, salt and ghee. 


 1. Take the lauki in a bowl and add green chillies, garam masala, ajwain seeds and salt. Mix well. 

 2. Add the whole wheat flour and oil into the bowl and knead into a smooth dough. 

 3. Make medium sized balls from the dough. Powder it with some flour and roll out parathas. 

 4. Heat a griddle, grease with some ghee and place the paratha. When the base starts cooking, pour ghee on top and flip it. 

 5. Cook the paratha till your see golden crusts on both sides. 

Lauki parathas are ready. You can serve them with raita or with sweet curd. Isn’t this an interesting and innovative recipe?