Little Cheesy Puffs

Little Cheesy Puffs
Finger Foods

There are numerous easy to make snacks for kids. You can prepare these Little Cheesy Puffs to feed the young kids. It can be prepared using simple ingredients such as milk, grated cheese, flour and egg. You can add other food items to it as per your requirement.


1. The first step is to mix flour, milk and egg in a bowl. After stirring for a few minutes add cheese to this mixture.

2. The mixture should be sticky then only it is considered as perfect.

3. Take a muffin tin and place this batter into it using a tablespoon.

4. Pre-Heat the oven and then place these cheese muffins to be bakes for at least 10 minutes. These small snack items can be consumed with ketchup or salsa dip.

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