Luscious Chocolate Banana Melts

Luscious Chocolate Banana Melts

There are some delicious recipes which can be prepared at home. Chocolate Banana Melts can be prepared using chocolate-hazelnut spread, soft sandwich bread, butter, banana and brown sugar. This recipe contains a high content of iron and antioxidants along with protein.


1. The first step is to divide the spread between two bread slices.

2. You need to top with banana slices and the remaining bread. Butter the top of the sandwiches.

3. Now cook sugar in a large skillet for at least 2 minutes. You need to spread this on the untoasted side of the bread. Add butter as well on these sides. Cook for 2 minutes by flipping both sides.

Quarter the sandwiches and serve them warm. This is a mouth-savoring recipe which can be made easily.

Try out this dish today with a sweet flavour.