Mexican Raw Lasagna

Mexican Raw Lasagna

You can surprise with a colorful and tasty food item. Mexican Raw Lasagna can be prepared using zucchini, fresh ricotta, sliced crosswise, salsa verde, shredded cheese and chopped cilantro. The presence of zucchini makes this dish rich in vitamin C.


1. You need to separate the zucchini into four different plates.

2. Now you need to layer each plate in the following order, that is, ricotta, squash, ricotta, tomato, salsa, cheddar and cilantro.

You can make your own version by adding more veggies or turning this dish into non-veg style with the addition of chicken salami. Such recipes are quick and can help you handle your kid’s hunger within seconds. Make sure the ingredients you use are fresh. Share this recipe with your friends so that they can appreciate this dish. Try making it today!