Muttor Paratha

Muttor Paratha

Pulses typically contain about twice the amount of proteins than in whole grain cereals. They are also rich in iron, potassium, zinc, and important vitamins. 

Ingredients: Wheat flour, peas, potato, cumin seeds, hing, garam masala, green chilli, coriander leaves and salt to taste.


1. Boil potatoes and peas seperately in their respective temperature. 

2. In a pan, add a little oil and put cumin seeds, hing, mashed potatoes, peas, green chillis and at last garam masala and salt to taste.

3. Mix them well. Keep it aside to cool down. 

4. Make a dough with the wheat flour by adding a pinch of salt in the flour. 

5. Once the dough is ready, make dumplings in the dough adding the sabzi made before. Make sure the sabzi is water free and cool. Giving it a chappati shape, cook until it's golden brown on both the sides. 

Serve the parathas hot with the favourite tomato sauce.