Noodle and Baby Corn Fritters

Noodle and Baby Corn Fritters
Finger Foods

This is a delicious recipe which involves healthy ingredients. You can make your kids eat this soft and tender dish without any forceful behaviour. The items required are dried rice vermicelli noodles, fresh baby corn, soy sauce, flour, eggs and olive oil.


1. You need to first boil the dried noodles. Add noodles in a bowl and add boiling water to it. Cover it with a lid.

2. Take another bowl and add onion, corn, soy sauce and flour. Stir this mixture.

3. Add 4 eggs to this and create a smooth batter.

4. The final step is to heat olive oil into frying pan. Pour ¼ of the mixture for making a single fritter. Let the two sides gain golden colour and then serve it in a tray.

This is a wonderful dish which is juicy as well as crispy. Try it now!