Nutritious Phafru Ku Saag

Nutritious Phafru Ku Saag
Side Dish

Constantly on the search for nutritious recipes to serve your little darling? Look no further, as we are here with the perfect recipe for you! Made from buckwheat leaves, this dish is loaded with valuable fibre, minerals and vitamins.

Ingredients: Phafru / Buckwheat leaves- 1 bunch, Mustard oil- 1 tablespoon, Coriander seeds- ½ tsp, Salt to taste


1.  Wash the phafru, cut into fine shreds and then boil with salt till soft. After boiling, make it into a paste.

2. Heat mustard oil in pan. Crackle coriander seeds.

3. Add the paste of phafru. Cook for some time till the raw taste is gone.

4.  Serve hot with rice or chapati.

Sounds simple? Yes, it is! So hurry up and serve it up today!