Oats Lollipop For Kids

Oats Lollipop For Kids
Finger Foods

Unlike candy lollipops, you wouldn’t mind your children eating these. The oats, jaggery, nuts and sesame seeds all blend in nicely to make these lollipops crunchy and delicious. You can make them in advance and store them in air-tight containers.

To make Oats Lollipop

1) Heat 1 tsp of ghee in a broad non–stick pan, add the jaggery and cook on a slow flame till the jaggery melts, while stirring continuously.

2) Remove from flame, add all the remaining ingredients and mix well. Keep aside to cool for 2 minutes.

3) Grease your hands with the remaining ¼ tsp of ghee.

4) Divide the mixture into 10 equal portions, shape each portion into a round ball by rolling it in between your palms and insert a small disposable stick in the centre.

Yummy lollipop, try it today and enjoy sharing with your friends.