Omelette In a Mug

Omelette In a Mug
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Here is a very interesting way to have the daily dose of morning egg. Omelette in a mug is quick, interesting, healthy and great looking breakfast option. Eggs are an all-natural source of high-quality protein, iron and other nutrients.

Ingredients: Cooking oil or butter, 1 egg, 1 tbsp milk, 1 tbsp chopped tomatoes, 1 tbsp chopped red bell pepper (capsicum), 2 chopped spinach leaves, 1 tbsp grated cheese, salt, and pepper powder.


1. In a microwave safe mug, spray the inside with cooking oil or butter.

2. Beat together an egg, milk, tomatoes, capsicum, spinach leaves, cheese, salt, and pepper powder. Beat well.

3. Microwave uncovered on high for 1 minute.

4. Remove the mug and stir. Microwave again for 1 more minute or till the omelette is completely set.

5. Sprinkle grated cheese and serve.

Try this quick, easy, and protein packed breakfast.