One Minute Blueberry Citrus Shake

One Minute Blueberry Citrus Shake
Smoothies and shakes are quick and healthy ways to fulfill cravings for sweets. Berries are very rich in vitamins and minerals and if we can add something nutritious in the shakes then there is nothing like it. I again repeat this is something fathers can also try, it is quick and healthy at the same time.
1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries, Juice from 1 orange or few Tangerines, Clementines, etc- or a splash or orange juice, a few ounces unsweetened Coconut milk or Almond milk –anything, a few ounces ice, a few ounces of water-enough to blend, add natural sweetener to taste if needed.
Put everything in the blender. Blend everything until you have a delicious, creamy shake!
If you are freezing and using it in your lunch box then use a dairy free milk like coconut milk so your shake does not curdle from the fruit acids.