Palak poori

Palak poori
Finger Foods

Spinach or Palak is very famous leafy vegetable found everywhere in sufficient amount in both summer and winter season. It is full of nutrients like zinc, dietary fibers, vitam A, vitamin C, vitamin E, alongside calcium and potassium. Treat this healthy and tasty palak poori today!

Ingredients: Palak paste,wheat flour,water,cumin seeds,salt to taste and oil.


1. Boil the palak with little salt and then make a paste of this mixture. 2. Take the wheat flour and add this palak paste mixture to it and add cumin seeds.

3. Make a dough in shape of small poories.(You don't require to add water, as there is water already in the palak paste). 

4. Make poories out of the dough and fry them until they turn golden.

Your palak poori is ready to serve along with any of your favourite sabzies mentioned above or with pickle of your choice. Enjoy these simple healthy delights !