Paneer Bhajii

Paneer Bhajii
Finger Foods

Taste and health together is an easy combination with this super yummy recipe of paneer bhaji. It is rich in protein, calcium, and cheese boasts of zinc, vitamin A, as well as vitamin B12 and is perfect for lunch time appetite.

Ingredients:200 gm paneer, oil, besan, red chilli, turmeric powder, rice flour, baking soda, water, cumin seeds, water, salt to taste.


1.Make a mixture of besan,tumeric and red chilli powder with cumin seeds, baking soda, rice flour and salt to taste adding correct amount of water. 

2.Now in a pan add 1tbsp oil and slightly cook the paneer. Flatten the bread slice cutting off the loaf and seal it well from both the sides in the form of sandwich. 

3.Dip this in the mixture made before and fry it till it turns golden and is evenly cooked. 

Your tasty paneer bhajjis are ready to serve. You can give this new exciting shapes of your choice.Make it more interesting.