Paneer Cheese Bread Sandwich

Paneer Cheese Bread Sandwich

Paneer is rich in protein, calcium, and cheese boasts of zinc, vitamin A, as well as vitamin B12. Together, they are yummy as well as tasty and make a perfect snack!

Ingredients: Wheat bread, 200g Paneer, 2 Green chillis, 1 tbsp Ginger Paste, Coriander leaves, chilli, garam masala and chaat masala powder, salt to taste, butter.


1.In a pan add 2tbsp oil and to it add chopped green chilli and ginger. 2.Add the cut paneer and to this add red chilli,coriander,garam masala,and chaat masala powder. Mix well. 

3.Toast the bread properly on both the sides with butter. Now place the cheese slice in one of the toasted breads and stuff it with the paneer masala. Place the other bread slice upon this and press it well on both the sides. 

Your yummy mouth slurping sandwich is ready!