Paneer Tikka Pizza

Paneer Tikka Pizza
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Treat your family and yourself with homemade pizza which is more delicious and healthier than those available in restaurants. This pizza recipe uses paneer which is a rich source of protein, phosphorus, calcium, riboflavin, Vitamin D, selenium, potassium, Vitamin B12, etc., which makes your homemade pizza healthier.

Ingredients: 3 cups whole wheat flour, 1 ½ cups of water, ½ tsp sugar, 2 tsp dry yeast, 2 tbsp olive oil, salt, 150 gm paneer cubed, 4 tbsp thick yogurt, 1 red bell pepper chopped, 1 medium onion cubed, 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste, ½ tsp each of coriander, red chilli, turmeric, garam masala powders, ¼ tsp lemon juice, ½ tsp chaat masala, 2 medium tomatoes pureed, 3-4 garlic cloves finely chopped, 1 tbsp fresh basil leaves chopped, 2 tbsp olive oil, salt, and pepper, grated mozzarella cheese, 7-8 pitted black olives.


 1. To prepare the pizza base, first warm a cup of water and mix ½ tsp sugar in it. 

 2. Sprinkle yeast into this and stir. Keep this mixture covered for about 10-12 minutes at room temperature. 

 3. Add flour, salt and olive oil into the mixture. Stir the mixture well. 

 4. Add some more flour and knead into soft, elastic dough. 

 5. Brush some water all over the dough and keep it aside covered for about 2 hours. 

 6. Take a bowl, whisk yogurt with a little water to get a smooth and creamy texture. 

 7. Add ginger garlic paste, carom seeds, salt, lemon juice and the spice powders into the curd and mix well. 

 8. Add the paneer and diced vegetables into the yogurt. Cover and keep it aside for an hour at room temperature. 

 9. Heat olive oil in a pan and fry the chopped garlic for 10-12 minutes. 

 10. Add the tomato puree and sauté for a few minutes. Now add the chopped basil, oregano, salt and pepper. 

 11. Simmer for 2-3 minutes. Remove from flame and set aside. 

 12. Now take the pizza dough and divide it into parts to make the pizza base. 

 13. Grease the baking tray with olive oil and sprinkle some flour on it. 

 14. Preheat the oven at 250 degree Celsius at least 20 minutes before you start baking 

 15. Brush some olive oil on the pizza base. Spread the tomato sauce evenly on the surface. 

 16. Add the marinated paneer and veggies on top. Layer it with olives. 

 17. Sprinkle grated mozzarella cheese on top. 

 18. Bake for 15-20 minutes till the cheese has melted. 

 19. Remove and serve hot.

Doesn’t this recipe solve all your problems regarding pizza? This pizza is far more healthy and nutritious than the ones that you order from restaurants.