Paprika Shrimp and Farro

Paprika Shrimp and Farro
Main Course

This is a recipe which has a vast range of flavors. Shrimps are a good source of protein which makes this dish healthy. The main ingredients are paprika, butter, peeled shrimp, cooked farro, sliced green olives and chopped fresh dill.


1. Take a skillet and add butter.

2. Keep the skillet on medium flame and add paprika. Cook the shrimp by continuously stirring it for at least 3 minutes. Season it.

3. The next step is to add olives and farro. Heat the content for 2 minutes. Season it and garnish it with dill.

This recipe is tasty and delicious which would be loved by everyone. Make sure you do not add extra spices. Try out this recipe today.