Pineapple and Wheat Grass Juice

Pineapple and Wheat Grass Juice

This is a unique summer drink that can be prepared at home. Pineapple and Wheat Grass Juice can be made using wheat grass, sprigs of mint, crushed ice and chopped pineapple. Make sure you use fresh pineapples. This drink is rich in fiber.


1. You need to take a mixer and add all the ingredients.
2. Take a strainer and strain the juice in a jug. Mix it well and pour it into separate glasses.
3. Add crushed ice.
4. You can even add a hint of lemon juice if you want to. Serve this drink chilled.

You can prepare similar summer drinks using other fruits and vegetables.

Its always better to keep away from aerated drinks. Make this Pineapple and Wheat Grass juice today!