Poha Chivda

Poha Chivda

Make some tasty poha chivda! Poha contains healthy vitamins and minerals.

Ingredients: 2 cups Poha, ½ cup Peanuts, ½ cup chopped Dry Coconut Slices, ¼ cup Roasted Chana (Dalia), ½ cup Cashew Nuts, 2 tabs Yellow Raisins, 10­15 Curry Leaves, 2 tsp Turmeric Powder, Salt to taste, Oil for Deep Frying


1. Heat oil and fry Poha till crisp.

2. Now fry peanuts, cashew, roasted chana, chopped coconut slices, raisins, and curry leaves and mix everything with Poha, then let it cool for 1­2 minutes.

3. Now sprinkle salt over the Poha mixture, toss it and mix well.

4. Cool and serve.

This snack can also be made in advance and stored in airtight jars. So go ahead and make it today!