7m to 1y

Oats porridge is a simple and very quick recipe. Oats are highly nutritious as they contain rich amounts of essential nutrients such as manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, copper, Vitamin B1, dietary fibre, zinc and protein. Here’s how you can provide all these nutrients to your child using oats. 

Ingredients: ½ cup quick cooking oats, 2 ½ cups milk, 2 tbsp sugar.  


 1. Take the oats in a pan and add milk to it. Note: If baby is less than 12 months, add water instead of milk. If you have excess breastmilk, you can mix bm with the porridge just before feeding. Do not heat the breastmilk.

 2. Add sugar and stir so that the sugar dissolves in the milk and the oats cook. 

 3. Cook for 5-6 minutes on medium flame. 

 4. Remove from the flame when the porridge starts simmering. 

Serve hot! You can also add fruits to this porridge by mashing the fruits if baby below 12 month, to make it more delicious. So help your child start his day with all the nutrition he can gather for the day by serving this highly nutritious and delicious porridge.