Prawn Curry

Prawn Curry
Main Course

Prawn Curry is a classic seafood dish which can be used to surprise everyone. The preparation as well as the process is not that difficult. Prawn is one of the prime ingredients and is a wonderful source of protein and magnesium. Moreover, coconut milk is also used which offers potassium, protein and calcium. This dish can be served preferably during the dinner time.

Ingredients: 2 red chili split, 1 small red onion, fresh root ginger, 1 tbsp vegetable oil, 1 tsp black mustard seed, ½ tsp fenugreek seeds, 14 curry leaves, ½ tsp turmeric, 250g jumbo prawns, 150 ml coconut milk, ½ black peppercorns.


1. Take a food processor to add chilies, onion and ginger. Add 3 tbsp water and prepare a paste.

2. Take a wok and heat oil. Wait for the oil to heat up and add mustard as well as fenugreek seeds. Let them crack and pop. Add the onion paste and cook it for 5 minutes. Splash some water in the end.

3. Next move is to add turmeric and cracked peppercorns. Stir the spices and wait for a few seconds.

4. Tip in the prawns. Stir the content for a few seconds and add coconut milk. Bring the flame to simmer.

5. Cook the dish for 1 minute and then sprinkle lime, fresh coriander.

Try this recipe now and relish it!