Quick Spinach Pizza

Quick Spinach Pizza

You can create a yummy pizza food item using green vegetables that is quite healthy. Spinach Pizza consist the Vitamin A and C in abundance. This is an interesting dish which would be loved small kids. You would require chopped spinach, chopped onions, chopped green chillies, paneer, oil and butter.


1. The first step is to cook the spinach with little amount of water until it gets soft.

2. Now you need to heat oil and fry green chillies and onion. Now add spinach along with salt and pepper. Cook it for a minute.

3. To this add cream and paneer and stir the content well.

4. Arrange a baking tray and place the pizza crusts. Top the crusts with spinach filling.

5. The final step is to sprinkle cheese and bake the pizza crusts to 200 degrees. This food item is simple and delicious.