Quick Tomato Raita

Quick Tomato Raita
Side Dish

You can offer your kids with a cool recipe which would be savoured without any tantrums. Tomato Raita is a good side dish which can be served with regular meals to make them interesting. You would require ripe tomatoes, fresh curd, chopped coriander, salt and grated coconut. The presence of curd makes this recipe rich in calcium and protein.


1. The first step is to cook the tomatoes in hot water. Peel and mash them properly.

2. You need to heat the oil and add salt along with pepper.

3. Now take a bowl to add curd, tomatoes, coriander leaves, coconut and heated seasoning.

Serve the Tomato Raita when chilled along with rice or roti. This food recipe is simple and does not require much effort. You can share the idea with your friends so that they can also feed their kids.