Refreshing Carrot and Paneer Toast

Refreshing Carrot and Paneer Toast

Prepare Carrot and Paneer Toast under easy steps.The ingredients used are basic. You would require bread slices, grated carrot, green chilies, butter, chopped tomatoes and coriander. This dish is rich in protein, calcium and vitamin A.


1. Take a bowl to add carrot, paneer, salt, green chilies, coriander, tomato and butter. Mix it well.

2. Now divide this mixture into 5 sections.

3. Take bread slices and place this mixture on each one of these 5 slices.

4. Bake the toast slices by pre-heating the oven at 150 degrees.

5. Serve these slices with ketchup or mint dip.

This is an easy-to-make recipe which doesn’t require any complicated processing. You can add your own veggies. Do not add oil to this recipe. Try this dish today to surprise.