Refreshing Multi Melon Juice

Refreshing Multi Melon Juice

Muskmelon and watermelon taste great when blended together into a juice. Give this multi melon juice as an after school drink during the hot summer months. This vitamin loaded drink is extremely easy to make, tasty, cooling, refreshing, and so colourful.

Ingredients: 1 cup chopped and deseeded musk melon, 1 cup chopped and deseeded watermelon,  a pinch of black salt.


1. Take musk melon.

2. Take watermelon.

3. Blend in a mixer with a pinch of black salt.

4. Place a muslin cloth over a sieve and pour the thick juice.

5. Squeeze out all the juice by pressing the muslin cloth to remove the pulp.

6. Cool and serve.

You can add sugar if you feel that the fruits are not sweet enough for your taste.