Refreshing Musk Melon and Mint Juice

Refreshing Musk Melon and Mint Juice

There are some really easy recipes which would please you. Make sure you offer your kids with fresh fruit items that are healthy. This breakfast juice can be prepared using chopped muskmelon and chopped mint leaves. It is rich in fiber and vitamins.


1. The first step is to take a blender and add muskmelon. Make a smooth puree.

2. To this add mint leaves and blend it once again.

3. Take four glasses and pour equal quantities.

4. You can garnish the content with mint sprig. Kids would love this fruit juice due to its yummy taste.

Keep away from aerated drinks and other sweet beverages. Muskmelon and Mint juice is a simple recipe which can be practiced within minutes. You can even share the idea with your friends and family.