Relishing Cornbread & Gravy

Relishing Cornbread & Gravy
Side Dish

Breakfast is supposed to be light and healthy. You can offer your kids with a lovely dish that is full of flavors. Cornbread & Gravy can be prepared using chopped sausages, flour, canola oil, chopped sage, milk and cornbread. Milk and sausages offer a good level of protein while cornbread adds to the carbohydrates content.


1. You need to take a skillet and cook the sausages in oil. Cook them for at least 5 minutes.

2. Now transfer the sausages into a separate bowl.

3. The next step is to cook the flour and stir it for 2 minutes. Add milk and sausage. Lower the flame. Let the content thicken and cook it further for 5 minutes.

Season the content with salt and pepper. Serve it with cornbread for a yummy taste. Try this recipe now!