Relishing Jackfruit Shake

Relishing Jackfruit Shake

A wonderful drink can be prepared using Jackfruit. Such a recipe is quite interesting which would surely work to attract your kid’s attention. The ingredients used are ripe jackfruit, coconut milk, powdered Jaggery, water, ice cubes and cashew nuts. Jackfruit offers a good level of Vitamin C which makes it nutritious.


1. The first step is to chop the jackfruit and keep them aside.

2. Take a blender and add coconut milk, chopped jackfruit and powdered Jaggery.

3. Blend the content until it gets smooth. Now add ice cubes and water to this content.

4. Blend the mixture again. Add water to thin the content as per your convenience.

Serve the jackfruit shake by pouring it in separate glasses. This is a lovely drink which can be offered after meals. Share the recipe with friends and family.