Relishing Mango Lime Lassi

Relishing Mango Lime Lassi

This is a summer time drink which is healthy. Kids would cherish this yummy drink due to the amazing flavour offered by the mix of frozen mango chunks, low-fat yogurt, agave syrup, fresh lime juice and milk. Yogurt and milk offers a good level of protein and calcium content.


1. The first step is to take a blender and create a puree using yogurt, mango, milk, lime juice and agave.

2. Create a smooth puree and then pour it in different glasses.

3. You can later garnish it with lime slices.

This drink can be preserved in the refrigerator so that it can be served chilled. Mango Lime Lassi is a good way to keep the kids away from unhealthy beverages. Share the recipe with your close friends so that they can also offer their kids with something nutritious.