Russian Salad Bread Cups

Russian Salad Bread Cups

Home-made snacks should be prepared to please all at home. The ingredients required are whole wheat bread, chopped potatoes, boiled green peas, boiled carrots, chopped apples, chopped lettuce, eggless mayonnaise, fresh cream, black pepper and butter. This recipe is rich in Vitamins due to the presence of fruits and veggies. Vitamin C is quite dominant.


1. You need to slice the crust of the bread slices. You need to wrap bread slices into a cloth and place it in pressure cooker.

2. Press each of these bread slices and create a cavity. Brush it with butter and bake the bread slice muffins.

3. Now mix all the other ingredients in a bowl.

4. Fill the muffins with this mixture and serve it right away.

This is a good recipe which can be offered when craving for something light and tasty. Try it right now!