Sabudana Chivda

Sabudana Chivda

Is your kiddo craving for some chips to munch on? Instead of packaged fried food, why don't you serve him some healthy and homemade sabudana chivda instead? Sabudana is a source of pure carbohydrates, making it a great source of energy for your growing child.

Ingredients: 1 cup sabudana, 2 tsp peanuts, salt to taste, 1/4 tsp chaat masala, 1/4 tsp black pepper powder, ghee for deep frying


1. Roast the sabudana and keep aside.

2. Heat ghee and deep fry the sabudana a little at a time.

3. After frying all the sago, add all the remaining ingredients, mix well and serve.

Yummy and easy! So go ahead and make some today!