Sago Khichdi

Sago Khichdi

Here is another yummy breakfast/snack option - Sago khichdi prepared with Sundrop Superlite Advanced oil keeps food less oily. This ideal breakfast/snack for your kiddo is packed with protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals and will keep you full for 3-4 hours.

Ingredients: 1 cup sago (medium sized), 2 small potatoes (peeled and diced), ½ cup roasted peanuts, handful of curry leaves, 1 green chili (optional), ½ tsp mustard seeds, ½ tsp urad dal, ½ tsp cumin seeds, salt to taste, 2 tbsp Sundrop oil.


1. Soak sago for at least 45 minutes then drain the water and keep aside. 

2. Coarsely ground roasted peanuts and set aside.

3. In a pan heat Sundrop Superlite Advanced oil, after a few seconds add mustard seeds, urad dal, and cumin.

4. As they start spluttering, add chopped green chilies and curry leaves. Saute it for a minute.

5. Add sago and mix it.

6. Add salt immediately and mix it again.

7. Let it cook for around 5 to 6 minutes or till the sago is cooked (should become transparent).

8. Add ground roasted peanut powder and cook for another 2 to 3 minutes.

It is ready, serve it with raita or chutney. 

Note: It tastes best if you soak sago for 4-5 hours and after draining spread under the fan for 2-3 hours.