Samvat Rice Khichdi

Samvat Rice Khichdi
Main Course

Samvat Rice is made from millets and is highly nutritional. The fact that is generally used for preparing food for people who are fasting is testimonial to its high health benefits. Samvat rice is rich in B Vitamins, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and zinc. Samvat Rice Khichdi is an easy to prepare recipe and is quite light on the stomach, besides being healthy and nutritional. 

Ingredients: 1 cup Samvat rice, ½ cup of potatoes, 1 tsp cumin seeds, ½ tsp black pepper, 1-1 ½ tsp ginger-green chilli paste, 3 cups water, 2 tbsp ghee, 2 tbsp chopped coriander leaves, salt as per taste. 


 1. Soak the Samvat rice in water for an hour. Drain and set aside. 

 2. Heat ghee in a pan and add the cumin seeds. Once the seeds have crackled, add the ginger-green chilli paste and black pepper powder. Saute till the paste has lost its raw smell. 

 3. Add the potatoes and sauté for about three minutes. 

 4. Add the Samvat rice and water to ensure a thick, mushy consistency. 

 5. Add salt and stir well. Cover the pan and let the ingredients cook. 

 6. Remove from flame, garnish with chopped coriander leaves and a dash of lemon juice. 

Serve this healthy and nutritious meal by trying out this recipe today!