Savoring Lemon Fish Bites

Savoring Lemon Fish Bites
High Protein

This is a perfect finger food item for kids when they demand something delicious and crispy. This is a nutritious and can be prepared quickly. The items required for this recipe are plain flour, boneless fresh white fish which are rich in proteins, lemon juice, eggs, bread crumbs and vegetable oil.


1. The first step is to cut the fish into 20 bites.

2. Take a bowl and add eggs. Stir it well. In another bowl you have to add bread crumbs and lemon rind.

3. Take another bowl and add flour. Now take a fish piece and place it into this bowl to cover it with flour.

4. The next step is to place this dusted fish piece into the egg bowl and then the bowl with the bread crumbs.

Repeat these steps for the other fish bites. Fry them in a pan for at least 2-3 minutes. It is a juicy and crispy dish which can be eaten with tomato sauce. Share the recipe with your friends.