Savory Maggie Masala Rice

Savory Maggie Masala Rice
Main Course

You can experiment something interesting which would be surely loved by the kids. Maggie Masala can be used to transform regular rice into a mouth-watering dish. You can create your own versions by adding different ingredients. For the basic recipe you would require oil, cooked rice, chopped vegetables, Maggie Masala Tastemaker, salt, pepper etc.


1. The first step is to add oil in a frying pan and heat it. Add onion and tomatoes to this along with chopped vegetables such as mushrooms, beans and corn.

2. Add salt and pepper but in a minimum quantity. To this mixture add water.

3. Heat the mixture then at last add cooked rice along with Maggie Tastemaker.

Cook the dish till the water dries off. The rice would offer a seasoned taste. You can garnish the dish using coriander leaves. Surprise your kids with this exclusive recipe.