Singhare ki Poori

Singhare ki Poori
Finger Foods

Make healthy and delicious pooris with Singhara flour. The flour is high on nutritional value as it is rich in potassium, Vitamin B and antioxidants, proteins, etc. Here’s how you can make these delicious pooris at home. 

Ingredients: 3 cups of singhare ka atta, 1 cup off mashed potatoes, 1 tsp chopped green chillies, 1 tsp cumin powder, 2 tsp oil, salt, water. 


 1. Pressure cook the potatoes. On cooling, peel and mash them. 

 2. Move the mashed potatoes into a mixing bowl. Add all the remaining ingredients into the mashed potato mixture and mix well. 

 3. Knead the entire mixture into soft and pliable dough. 

 4. Pinch out small balls from the dough to make puris. Using a rolling pin and board, roll out medium sized puris to ensure they are well cooked. 

 5. Heat oil in a kadhai for deep frying. Drop the rolled out puris gently into the oil when it is medium hot and fry till they are crisp and golden. 

 6. Take out from the pan and serve them with a vegetable curry.

Healthy and delicious, Singhare ki Poori can be made at home without taking much time. So go ahead and start preparing to make these delicious puris for your breakfast now!